Development of Long-Life, Energy Conservation “Eco-Friendly Products”

In order to provide customers with products that reflect consideration of their life cycles, such as long those with usable lives and minimization of energy consumption, we have positioned certain products as “eco-friendly products” if they satisfy certain standards we have adopted; we use this description when developing and marketing such products. With social and economic matters such as rising energy costs in the background, we use quantitative measurement to determine to what extent products reduce energy requirements or materials used. With our “eco-friendly products,” we aim to achieve a 25% reduction compared to conventional models.

Eco-Friendly Product: HORIBA, Ltd.


EMIA-Pro is an analyzer of carbon and sulfur, both of which are gaseous ingredients contained in various materials such as steel, nonferrous metals, and ceramics. This analyzer greatly contributes to the analysis of gaseous ingredients, which has proven to be an extremely important analytical method in recent materials development, such as when developing composite materials or improving product quality.

By adding a function for automatically setting measurement conditions in a way that fits measurement samples, EMIA-Pro offers ease of operation and enables swifter analysis, thus allowing everyone to make measurements at the professional level.

HORIBA’s environmentally friendly design strives to achieve energy and resource conservation by substantially reducing oxygen/nitrogen gas and power consumption as well as the number of parts used.




Eco-friendly product: HORIBA STEC, Co., Ltd.

Capacitance Manometer VG-200 Series

The small, all-metal capacitance manometer VG-200 Series allows for high-precision measurement of pressure levels in various processes. This is the world’s smallest capacitance manometer of the Self Temperature Adjustment type.

The Company successfully developed a smaller, more stable capacitance manometer compared to the previous VG-100 Series by substantially improving the electrode structure---the heart of the vacuum gauge--- and adding high accuracy digital correction by CPU on PCB.

Doing so reduces the frequency of maintenance necessary to maintain accuracy to less than one-fifth of the previous level and extends the new product's life significantly.

Going forward, the VG-200 Series is expected to be used effectively not only in manufacturing processes for FPDs and solar cells but also for manufacturing equipment in the healthcare and food sectors.

Comparison of maintenance frequencies

Omoshiro Okashiku (Joy and Fun)

Omoshiro Okashiku - Joy and Fun

The company motto displayed above sums up the directive to everyone at HORIBA Group, which is to bring enthusiasm and excitement into our work to make our trade fulfilling and enjoy our lives.