Global expansion with strong international products



  • OLSON-HORIBA INCORPORATED (USA) is established, marking the start of overseas business.
Shares listed on Osaka Securities and Kyoto Stock Exchanges

March 1971

  • Shares are listed on the Osaka securities and Kyoto stock exchanges.
Subsidiaries established in United States and Europe


  • Subsidiaries are established in the United States and Europe.


  • Standard Technology Co, Ltd. is established. (presently HORIBA STEC Co., Ltd)
Environmental Protection Agency (USA) adopts MEXA


  • Environmental Protection Agency (USA) adopts MEXA.
  • COS Co., Ltd. is established (presently HORIBA Advanced Techno).
First energy-dispersive X-ray Analyzer


  • HORIBA develops Japan’s first energy-dispersive X-ray analyzer.
Omoshiro Okashiku - Joy and Fun


  • The corporate motto becomes “Joy & Fun.”
  • The employee welfare company HORIBA COMMUNITY CORPORATION is established.
Omoshiro Okashiku (Joy and Fun)

Omoshiro Okashiku - Joy and Fun

The company motto displayed above sums up the directive to everyone at HORIBA Group, which is to bring enthusiasm and excitement into our work to make our trade fulfilling and enjoy our lives.