Frequent communication

Over the long term we have developed strong ties with our regular production partner companies, which has enabled us to provide customers with high quality products and reliable delivery scheduling. We are now increasing procurement on a global basis through our network of overseas companies. In Japan, in order to ensure continuation of our Win-Win relationships, we provide opportunities to share our thoughts and experience in business matters with suppliers, and help them develop their next generation of managers. In 2015, we worked together with production partner companies at the following events:

  • Product study meetings
  • Factory tours
  • Craftsmanship competition
  • Improvement activity report sessions

We have always worked well with our suppliers in both good and bad economic times. We firmly believe it is because of the trustful relationships with them and their flexible responses to the sudden demand fluctuations that we could increase our market share, even in the rapid recovery phases often seen in the semiconductor market.


Factory Tours

HORIBA holds factory tours for members of suppliers to learn about HORIBA products and see firsthand how the materials delivered by their companies were used at HORIBA factories and what roles they played in HORIBA's manufacturing process. In this way, we share the high level of HORIBA products' quality requirements with suppliers.


Craftsmanship Competition

Each year, we hold the Technical Olympics in which members from the HORIBA Group and our production partners compete with one another. This event allows group company members to develop world-class professional skills and awareness as well as to raise their skill levels through mutual competition with suppliers.

Omoshiro Okashiku (Joy and Fun)

Omoshiro Okashiku - Joy and Fun

The company motto displayed above sums up the directive to everyone at HORIBA Group, which is to bring enthusiasm and excitement into our work to make our trade fulfilling and enjoy our lives.