ACTIVA S, The Art in ICP-OES Spectrometer


ICP-OES Spectrometer with CCD Detection

ACTIVA-S maintains the Strengths of HORIBA Scientific ICP-OES Spectrometers while incorporating advanced CCD technology, thus offering Simplicity in a high performance ICP-OES Spectrometer:

  • High Scientific Spectroscopy quality CCD, adapted to the Superior Total Plasma View, and offering the complete Spectral range of 160 – 800 nm.
  • Reliable ICP-OES method development thanks to the proprietary S3-base database.
  • Semi-quantitative analysis of all elements is performed from full Spectrum acquisition for concentration calculation, data reporting and data reprocessing

The unique HORIBA Scientific features of low noise CCD, holographic gratings, constant resolution across the full spectrum, superior vertical torch-based Total Plasma View, unique sheath gas device and low argon consumption expand the range of ICP-OES applications in correlation with the large analytical benefits:

  • Few spectral interferences, few matrix effects, few memory effects allowing complex matrix, high dissolved solids or organic sample analysis
  • Excellent limits of quantification thanks to simultaneous measurement of background
  • Perfect reproducibility, facilitating multi-user operation
  • High practical dynamic range of 107 with a linear response range of 5 decades minimum, for each line

The ACTIVA-S offers the practical use of ICP-OES analysis by first time operators or sophisticated users, through easy operation steps, for all types of applications.

Manufactured by HORIBA Scientific



Solid-state, 40.68 MHz, water-cooled

Cooling system

GenCo water chiller for the generator and the coil


Direct Exhaust connection for plasma compartment


Fully demountable torch, 3 mm i.d. injector, 12 L/min plasma gas, 0.2 L/min sheath gas

Sample introduction

Concentric glass nebuliser and glass cyclone spray chamber, 3-channel peristaltic pump

Optical system

Thermo-regulated, 0.64 meter focal length, dual back-to-back gratings 4343 g/mm & 2400 g/mm used in the 1st order with optical resolution <12 pm for 160-430 nm and <22 pm for 430-800 nm

Wavelength range

160 – 800 nm


Open Electrode CCD, 1024 x 256 pixels, pixel size 26 x 26 μm, Peltier cooled

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