HE Spectrograph

High efficiency dedicated process Raman spectrometer for rugged and robust Raman monitoring.

The HE high efficiency Raman process analyzers have been developed to provide an advanced and robust performance with increased reliability for process control. The compact, rugged construction with no internal moving parts is perfectly adapted to demanding industrial environments. The analyzer has been designed to function with low maintenance, minimal downtime and little operator training.

Specially developed concave holographic gratings provide unsurpassed sensitivity and total spectral coverage over the common Raman range. The HE high efficiency Raman process analyzer obtains spectral information from the sample via a fiber optic probe. A single HE system can obtain multiplexed information from up to 4 fiber probes simultaneously.


Segment: Scientific
Division: Molecular and Microanalysis
Base product
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA France SAS

The HE high efficiency Raman process analyzer is available in different configurations including :

  • HE 532 - 532 nm laser
  • HE 633 - 633 nm laser
  • HE 785 - 785 nm laser

The Industrial user benefits from faster sample analysis - at a lower capital cost.

The HE Compact Industrial Raman Spectrograph



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