Event dates: 17 March 2019 - 21 March 2019

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Stop by the HORIBA Scientific booth 2607 at the Pittcon Conference and Expo to see our newest instruments.

Exhibited Products


XGT-9000 X-ray Analytical Microscope

EMIA Pro Carbon/Sulfur Analyzer

MESA-7220 Measurement of Sulfur and Chlorine in Petroleum Products

MacroRAM Affordable Benchtop Raman Spectrometer

LA-960 Laser Scattering Particle Size Distribution Analyzer

IT-480 High-Accuracy Infrared Thermometers [Stationary type]

Life Science

Duetta Fluorescence and Absorbance Spectrometer

XploRA™ PLUS Raman Spectrometer - Confocal Raman Microscope 

Anywhere Raman

ViewSizer The Better Way to Characterize Nanoparticles

Water & Chemical Quality

Aqualog Water Treatment Plant Analyzer

LAQUA Water Quality Meters

UP-100 Micro Volume pH Monitor


List of Speakers







Sunday, March 17

1:30 PM

Oral presentation

Spectroscopic Techniques for Polymer Identification in Plastic Marine Debris

Dr. Bridget O'Donnell

Abstract number:  200-1  Room 122B

Monday, March 18

8:30 AM

Oral presentation

Raman, Resonance Raman and Photoluminescence Spectrosopic Imaging of Heterogeneous Transition Metal Dichalcogenide 2D Crystals

Dr. David Tuschel

Abstract number:  330-1 Room 118B

Monday, March 18

3:25 PM

Oral presentation

X-Ray Fluorescence and Raman Spectroscopy Data Fusion for the Analysis of Duct Tapes

Sergey Mamedov

Abstract Number: 640 - 6
Room 122B

Tuesday, March 19

10:30 AM

Networking session

Particle Analysis from Nanometers to Millimeters

Dr. Jeff Bodycomb

Room 202A

Wednesday, March 20

11:00 AM

Demo Zone 1


PCA team

Booth #3242

Thursday, March 21

8:30 AM

Oral presentation

Advanced Features of Elemental Analysis Techniques for Direct Solids Analysis on Challenging Samples:  ETV-ICP< Inert Gas Fusion Techniques, Glow Discharge

Dr. Matthieu Chausseau

Abstract number:  1800-1  Room 126A

Thursday, March 21

2:00 PM

Networking session

Analytical Instrumentation for the Oil and Gas Industry

Dr. Jeff Bodycomb

Room 202B

Thursday, March 21

3:45 PM

Oral presentation

Study of Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes in Lung Tissue Using a Combined Hyperspectral Imaging Technique

Maruda Shanmugasundaram

Room 121A

Official Website


Event dates: 20 March 2019 - 22 March 2019

Location: Shanghai, China

Official website


Event dates: 6 April 2019 - 9 April 2019

Location: George R. Brown Convention Center, Houston, USA

Official Website:  https://10times.com/isa-annual-convention-op

Event dates: 9 April 2019 - 11 April 2019

Location: Detroit, USA

Official Website: https://www.sae.org/highlights/attend-wcx

Event dates: 15 May 2019 - 17 May 2019

Location: Seoul, Korea

Official Website: http://www.envex.or.kr/eng/about/howtogettothevenue.asp

Event dates: 19 May 2019 - 23 May 2019

Location: CCIB (Barcelona International Convention Center), Spain

HORIBA Medical booth #271 - Level 0

Official Website: http://www.euromedlab2019barcelona.org/2019/home

Event dates: 21 May 2019 - 23 May 2019

Location: MESSE STUTTGART, Germany

The whole automotive industry is witnessing a profound shift, addressing challenges in multiple dimensions: changing technology, changing market and changing legislation. This change demands us to be agile, offering you - our customers - suitable solutions for your requirements of tomorrow.

Come visit us in hall 10 at our stand 1412 and get to know our solutions for topics like electrification, fuel cells, RDE, efficiency and many more.

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