Hematology and Clinical Chemistry Range

HORIBA Medical launches its brand new range of analyzers: the Yumizen H500!


Hematology Everywhere, for Everyone !

With Yumizen H500, HORIBA Medical brings a new dimension in timely and reliable hematology diagnosis.
Its ease of operation and its robustness, inherited from the ABX Micros and the ABX Pentra 60, makes Yumizen H500 the most flexible solution to rapid blood counting from emergency care to routine laboratory.

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HORIBA Medical presents Yumizen

The new brand for all future analyzers and solutions including Hematology, Clinical Chemistry and Care Products.

Choose Yumizen, you will stay zen.

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Grand Opening at HORIBA Medical Montpellier (France)

On July 10th, 2015, HORIBA Medical Montpellier celebrated the Grand Opening of its new Innovation and Development Center, in the presence of over a hundred officials, outside partners and employees.

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