Laser scanning Oil Film Detector LO-300


Oil film detector LO-200 scans water surface with the laser and detects the film of oil.Because the oil is more reflective than the water, the intensity of light reflected from the oil will be greater than that from water surface.The LO-200 detects floating oil by sensing the difference in the intensity of reflection.
As compared with spotlight-based systems, The LO-200 adopted laser scanning method enables to operate more reliable against water surface level fluctuation, and widen distance between the water surface and the detector.


  • Usable with large water level fluctuation
    The laser scanning will detect oil on water surfaces between 30 cm and 3 m from the detector, enabling use where there are surface waves or water level fluctuations.

  • Avoiding false alarms
    False alarms due to waves or reflective floating matter can be avoided by adjusting the continuous detection time.

  • Resistance to interference from ambient light
    Modulated light and a band-pass optical filter are used to eliminate interference from sunlight and other ambient.

  • Flexible application
    In addition to detection of a film of oil or other liquid on water surfaces, the unit may be used for detection of oil, water, or other liquid on dry surfaces.

  • Easy to maintain
    No adjustment necessary when the scanner unit is replaced.

  • Easy to install
    The optical module is emplaced on a free-hanging assembly so that it corrects itself the optical axis to true vertical and does not require realignment if the unit shifts after installation.

Manufactured by HORIBA Advanced Techno


Model number


Subject of detection

Oil on water surface or liquid on floor

Detection method

surface scanning laser / reflected light sensor

Laser emitter

Semiconductor laser,wavelength (λ) 650 nm, output within 1 mW (class2)

Mdulation laser frequency

Approx. 50 kHz

Scanning  mechanizm

Oscillating mirror

Detection range
(refrractive index of scanned media)

Model 1

1.00 (no reflection) to 1.58

Model 2

1.33 (water) to 1.58

Leak detection

Detection cycle

1 sec. (fixed)

Continuous detection time (N)

1 - 99 sec. (adjustable at 1 sec. intervals)

Leak detection alert

Engages when current from light sensor exceeds threshold setting for N consecutive seconds.



Engage when laser emission, laser scanning, or motor rotation fails

Abnormal light sensing

Engage when floating debris produces no reflection or abnormally strong reflection.


Relay signal outputs (leak detected and error)

Dry contact relay, form A and B; max.
load is 4 A at 250 V AC or 30 V DC.

Current output

Intensity of light picked up by the sensor is converted to a 0 - 20 mA current signal.

Adjustments and displays

Light sensing level

Displayed with 17-LED bar indicating 0 - 20 mA

Leak detection current threshold

Displayed with 17-LED bar indicating 0 - 20 mA; adjusted by potentiometer dial

Continuous detection time

Adjusted with two rotary switches, one for 10 sec. increments and one for 1 sec. increments

Operating lamps

Green LED (RUN) indicates operation
Yellow LED (ERR) indicates error, red
LED (ALM) indicates leak detected.

Power supply

AC 100 V ± 10 %  50 or 60 Hz signal-phase, 100 VA max. 27 w (typ.)

Operating temperature

-10 to +50 ℃ (if water surface not frozen)


Water-tight construction for outdoor use

Materials / surface treatments

Cylindrical shroud

Alumite-treat aluminum, polyurethane finish

Display box

Alumite-treat aluminum, polyurethane finish

Finish color

Japan Paint Manufacturers Association U35-85B

External dimentions

185 mm Φ × 535 mm H


Approx. 14 kg

Attached cables

12 m, 1.25 mm sq., 3-wire power cable
12 m, 0.5 mm sq., 6-wire shield sheath signal cable

Installation condeitions

Maximum 3 ° off true vertical
Use shade where necessary to avoid direct sunlight
Prevent freezing of scanned water surface
Use rain hood where necessary
Max. 3 m between detector and scanned surface