The H-1 series of industrial water quality measuring instruments (on-site type)

newly developed under the concepts of “durability”, “functionality”, and“maintainability” in order to stand the severe environmental conditions of on-site processes.

Product line up


HORIBA H-1 series of industrial water quality measuring instruments include a total array of measurement points for the broad applications required controling of water quality.
With sensors, cleaners, and various accessories, these water quality measuring instruments are applicable to all kinds of water treatment and reduce the maintenance load.

Product line up

Water Quality Meter with HART communication

Water Quality Transmitter with HART communication HQ-300

The HQ-300 is multiparameter transmitter(1 component can be selected from pH,ORP,dissolved oxygen(DO),fluoride ion*,electrical conductivity and electrical resistivity) with the latest HART communication(protocol revision7).

*Fluoride ion is optional.

pH Meter

ORP Meter

Conductivity Meter (EC Meter)

Resistivity Meter

Dissolved Oxygen Meter (DO Meter)

Residual Chlorine Meter

Fluoride Ion Meter

MLSS Meter

Turbidity Meter