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  • 9th Workshop Ellipsometry, Enschede, The Netherlands, 23-25 February
  • American Physical Society (APS), San Antonio, TX, Booth 335, March 2-6
  • Materials Research Society (MRS) Spring, San Francisco, CA, Booth 500, April 6-10
  • Society of Vacuum Coaters (SVC), Santa Clara, CA, April 28-29
  • 2015 EMRS Spring Meeting, May 11-15, Lille, France
  • Photovoltaics Specialists Conference (IEEE-PVSC), New Orleans, LA, Booth 402, June 14-19
  • American Vacuum Society (AVS), San Jose, CA Booth 429, Oct 18-23
  • Materials Research Society (MRS) Fall, Boston, MA, December 1-3

Spectroscopic Ellipsometers

HORIBA Scientific’s ellipsometers incorporate non-rotating phase modulation and liquid crystal modulation technologies to provide the most sensitive and accurate ellipsometric measurement on a large spectral range from VUV to NIR.

In addition to thin film thickness and optical constants characterization, ellipsometric analysis provides rich information on material properties such as anisotropy, gradient, morphology, crystallinity, chemical composition and electrical conductivity.

Uvisel 2

The ultimate solution to every challenge in thin film measurement


Ellipsometers: UVISEL VIS: 210-880 nm | UVISEL FUV: 190-880 nm | UVISEL NIR: 245-2100 nm | UVISEL ER: 190-2100 nm | UVISEL LT: cost-effective ellipsometer

Ideal for non-destructive, accurate, and versatile thin film characterization in research and industry.


The UVISEL 2 VUV delivers the fastest thin film measurements over the largest wavelength range spanning from 147 nm to 2100 nm.


Visualize your sample and measure thin film thickness and optical constants in seconds.

"With Auto SE, routine work will never be the same!"

NEW NIR Extended Spectral Range !

Smart SE

Versatile spectroscopic ellipsometer delivering research grade performance at an economical price.