1. Raman Spectroscopy Basics

  2. Raman analysis techniques

  3. Raman Microscopy

  4. Raman Imaging

  5. Hybrid Raman Techniques

  6. Raman Technology & Main Components of a Raman Spectrometer

  7. Tip Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy, NanoRaman and AFM Raman

    • What is co-localized AFM/Raman?
    • What is Tip Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy?
    • What information does TERS provide?
    • How does enhancement of the Raman signal occur in TERS?
    • What are the TERS instrumental configurations?
    • What are the TERS tips materials and morphology?
    • What kind of substrates can be probed with TERS?
    • What is the SPM feedback used for TERS?
    • What is the spatial resolution of TERS?
    • What is the definition of TERS Enhancement factor?
    • What is nonlinear TERS?
    • What are the degradation issues and arteifacts in TERS?
    • What are the main TERS applications in Materials Sciences?
    • What are the main Life Sciences TERS applications?