Multi Range/Multi Gas Digital Mass Flow Controller SEC-Z500X Series


The HORIBA's best seller model of digital mass flow controllers, has multi-range/multi-gas functions which users can change the type of gas or full-scale flow rate on site quickly and easily.
High accuracy +/- 1.0% S.P. with piezo actuator valve, high speed response, and all-metal. Suitable for process yield improvement and simplified parts management.


  •  High Accuracy ±1.0% S.P.
    MFC's linearity is compensated by polynomial approximated curve. This achieves high accuracy for all flow control ranges. For the purpose of advancement of actual gas accuracy, the calibration data of various process gases are measured by HORIBA STEC standard gas measurement system.
  • High Speed Response
    Installed with the "Variable PID system", which can achieve 1 second response between any two set points. Variable PID is continuously changing depending on the flow point setting. This allows the PID factor to be optimized when the full scale flow and gases are changed.
  • Multi-gas, multi-range solution
    The configuration software makes it possible to change these specifications quickly and easily. Best of all, the changes can be made without removing the mass flow controller from the gas panel or piping. This reduces the number of spare mass flow controllers users need to store, and helps save both time and costs.

Manufactured by HORIBA STEC


  • Leading-edge semiconductor manufacturing process
  • Any other electronics manufacturing process (SAW filter, MEMS, power device, and so on.)
  • Photovoltaic manufacturing process
  • LED manufacturing process