Carbon Sensor Conductivity Meter (High concentration type) HE-960HC


Can measures conductivity of high concentration. Its dual calculation circuits and software, combined with carbon sensors, enable measurements ranging without switching. The HE-960HC can be used as a process concentration meter, and also to monitor changes in the concentration of specified chemicals.


  • Wide range compatibility : 0 - 1000 mS/cm
  • Automatic display range switching 
  • Accommodates various types of temperature compensation 
  • Concentration conversion function  
  • Chemical resistant four-electrode carbon sensor

The HE-960HC is also an environmentally-friendly product that uses lead-free solder.

Manufactured by HORIBA Advanced Techno




Measurement range

0 - 1000mS/cm

Wetted materials

GC, Karletz, PFA

Sensor input

1 ch


+/- 0.5% of the full scale (in equivalent input)


+/- 0.5% of the full scale (in equivalent input)

Transmission output

Number of output: 4

Contact output

Outputs: 5 points

Communication output


Ambient environment

Temperature: -5 to 45°C, Relative humidity: 20 to 85% (without condensation)

Power supply

100 to 240 V AC ±10%, 50/60 Hz, 20 VA (max)

Protective structure

Panel: IP65, Rear case: IP20, Terminal: IP00 (indoor-use panel installation type)


Approx. 550 g

Conforming standards

CE marking, FCC Part 15

Compatible sensors

FES-510 series


Dimensions of HE-960HC


  • Management of chemicals and liquid waste in semiconductor and FPD manufacturing processes
  • Concentration monitor in the chemical blending tank

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