Digital Automatic Pressure Regulator UR-Z700 series


The UR-Z700 Series has electronic regulators with high-precision pressure sensors and high resolution, fast response piezo actuator valves. They control the pressure relative to the external control signal that they receive.


  • Eliminates the effects of cross talk caused by switching of high flow lines.
  • Fast response: within 0.5 sec.
  • Flexible design
    These regulators can be mounted in any position or attitude, and the fact that they use an electric signal for control makes them suitable for a wide variety of gas supply systems.
  • Lineup of Inlet control type (-B type), Outlet control type.
  • Choose of Gauge pressure type, or Absolute pressure type.
  • RoHS compliant (UR-Z704 series)
  • Ultra clean: all metal construction (M type)

Manufactured by HORIBA STEC