SPARC´s Features

As well as offering accurate speed and torque control, a variety of control and simulation packages are available for SPARC including: Engine Torque Pulse Simulation (ETPS); Road Load Simulation (RLS) and Service Load Simulation (SLR). SPARC integrates smoothly with HORIBA´s Automation System STARS. Configuration, parameterisation and monitoring of the controller´s algorithms are all available from the STARS user interface. Couple this with a tight, 1KHz synchronisation and exchange of data between the systems and you can see why we think that STARS and SPARC is a winning combination.

SPARC can also be easily integrated into third-party automation systems via a web based user interface (GUI); it can be also used as cost effective stand-alone powertrain controller if only manual operation of test stand is required.


Key Features

  • Designed for a global market
  • Easy integration with STARS or third-party automation systems
  • Option to run stand-alone
  • Can operate in harsh electrical environments
  • On-board 5 KHz analogue, digital and pulse inputs and output to ensure accuracy
  • High accuracy data aquisision
  • Six can bus ports built-in
  • Expandable interface through any PC 104 board

SPARC´s Benefits

  • Fast, accurate and highly repeatable control with algorithms specially designed for engine, driveline and vehicle test
  • 5 KHz control and expandable processing capacity means that SPARC has the power to address even the most difficult control problems
  • Robust design gives many mounting options for in-cell location - allowing you to place the controller where ever you want
  • Extensible design allows many SPARC units to be combined to control from one to more than five prime movers, including internal combustion engines and all varieties of dynamometers.
  • Control and simulation packages for advanced applications


SPARC Engine

Precise and Universal Test Stand Controller

SPARC Engine is HORIBA ATS universal test controller for engine test stands, based on the new SPARC controller platform. It has been modularly designed and can be used flexibly: from the simple control of dynamometers up to the additional control of an internal-combustion engine and right through to the complex control of a dynamic test stand SPARC Engine, covers all requirements in engine testing.

  • Integrated torque and speed measurement
  • Basic monitoring of specimen engine and loading equipment
  • Integrated command signal generator
  • CAN-Bus interfaces
  • Error messages in plain text
  • Interface to the most varied loading equipment
  • Engine Control via mechanical throttle position units, electrical pedal travel sensor simulator or direct control via engine CAN-Bus
  • Control of high dynamic tests with the option RLS

Operation - Ergonomic and Clear

  • 8 programmable function keys F1/F8
  • Numeric display of torque, speed, throttle position and power
  • Digital set potentiometer
  • 5 special feature keys (idle, stop, ignition, preheat, stop)
  • Menu selection keys
  • Parameterisation of all variables via keypad or remote interface
  • Emergency stop button, can be integrated into the safety circuit

SPARC Engine (dynamometer + engine simulation)
together with STARS

  • Driver simulation
  • Vehicle simulation
  • Manual and automatic transmission simulation


  • Digital In-Out-Box for control of external I/O expansion with monitoring
  • External front operating panel via CAN-Bus cable
  • Second front operating panel via CAN-Bus cable
  • Desktop housing
  • Hybrid interface for analogue and digital test controlling
  • Speed difference monitoring
  • Direct engine control via CAN-Bus
  • Electrical pedal travel sensor simulator
  • Digital I/O extension
  • RLS
  • Automatic gear shift simulation
  • Control loop parameter identification
  • Engine map
  • HIL (Hard ware in the loop interface)



  • Modular and flexible test stand controller with internal CAN-Bus interface
  • Precise test stand control right up to high dynamic simulation test stands
  • Standard interface for test stand automation (SCPI protocol)
  • High speed communication to STARS
  • Compact, ergonomic and user friendly design
  • Optimal adaptation to all common dynamometers
  • Integrated base monitoring of engine and loading equipment
  • Integrated service interface (RS232)
  • Integrated engine map
  • CE tested
  • Overall control of the combustion engine
  • Communications remote interface for connecting an automation system via CAN-Bus, Ethernet or RS232


The Application

  • Engine Testing in stationary and transient operation in version Engine
  • Engine Testing in dynamic operation with option RLS
  • Engine Testing in manual operation





Manufactured by HORIBA

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