Fibre Optics

Fibre Optic Cable

HORIBA Scientific UK offers a comprehensive range of fibre optic bundles, fibre optic assemblies and fibre optic cable. It is a comprehensive range and high quality of custom  optical fibre, standard  optical fibre products, conventional optical fibre products and also fibre optic components & consumables.

These products have been mainly engineer, design, and manufacture in order to supply fibre optic products for spectroscopy, process control, semiconductor processing, medical, military applications, laser delivery, and other industrial.

In addition to standard fibre optic cables or bundles, we can supply a large variety of Custom Fibre Optic Bundles, Custom Fibre Optic Cable and assemblies for OEMs and end users. We also manufacture optical cells to collimate and focus light into and out of our fibre optics. Our engineers can assist you in designing the best fibre optic solution for your specific requirement. Call, fax or e-mail us to discuss your special requirements.