Optical Filter Engineering Services

We offer engineering services to complement optical instrument design and development projects. These services are founded on years of technical experience, proprietary software, and custom modified optical measurement instruments. Our engineers can play a collaborative role in design teams assembled to develop prototype instruments.

Services include the following:

  • Thin-film Filter Design

  • Optical System Optimization

  • Spectrophotometric Measurement

Resources include the following:

  • Design Software


    • MicroFilm proprietary thin-film software

    • Thin-Film proprietary thin-film software

    • TF CALC thin-film software

  • Optical & Spectrophotometric Measurement Equipment


    • 12 spectrophotometers - Cary/Varian and others

    • Spectrofluorimeters & fluorescence microscopes

    • Autocollimators

    • Broadband Achromatic Tyman Green Interferometer

    • Laser Radiometers

    • Assorted custom test apparatus

  • Typical Tests


    • Wavelength measurements

    • Optical density measurements

    • Transmitted wavefront distortion

    • Surface flatness

    • Wedge

    • Environmental testing

    • Low & High Temperature Testing

    • Humidity testing

    • Polarisation analysis