Fluorescence Microscopy Filter

HORIBA Scientific UK has been involved with developments in optical filter technology for Fluorescence Microscopy and Fluorescence instrumentation over many years. We supply an extensive selection of filters for dye-specific sets for single and multi-label microscopy applications. Our 3RD Millennium filter (Bandpass optical filter, Long pass optical filter,short pass optical filter) and ALPHA Vivid filter sets define the state-of-the-art for bright signal and high signal-to-noise in demanding imaging applications. We are committed to advancing fluorescence detection through collaboration with scientists and industry worldwide. Fluorescence Filter sets, Optical filter components, and Optical filter holders are available for all major microscope manufacturers and models, including Leica microscope, Nikon microscope, Olympus microscope, and filter sets for Zeiss microscope.

Pioneering Fluorescence

We specialise in the design and manufacture of high performance, optical filters for fluorescence microscopy. We offer an extensive selection of dye-specific filter sets for single and multi-label microscopy applications, including GFP, Pinkel, Ratio-Imaging, FRET, and other techniques.

We have pioneered developments in filter technology for fluorescence microscopy. Over the years, innovation in product design focused on improving throughput and polarisation, while minimising auto-fluorescence and cross-talk. The resulting optimised filter sets for epi-luminescent microscopes have enhanced the ability of life scientists to isolate small Stokes-shifted energy of low intensity and image complex cellular structures and processes.

From the beginning, our filter technology inventions has stimulated the science of optical microscopy and fluorescence detection. We remain committed to pushing the limits of the science through collaboration with researchers and manufacturers worldwide.

General Features of Fluorescence Microscopy Filter

All our fluorescence microscopy filter sets are optimised to maximise emission collection and minimise optical degradation by using specialised optical polishing and anti-reflective coatings. Exciters are high performance bandpass filters with reflective metal layers tolerant to intense excitation sources. Dichroics are hard surface coated. Emitters are anti-reflection coated to minimise back reflection and enhance transmission typically to 90%.

Durable surface coatings, environmentally stable, highest signal-to-noise, zero pixel shift, 3 year warranty.
High signal-to-noise imaging applications
Bright signal & low auto-fluorescence
Good overall performance
Basic single color imaging
Simultaneous two fluorophore viewing
Simultaneous three fluorophore viewing
Simultaneous four fluorophore viewing
Multi-color applications
Multi-color applications
For imaging all UV-excited QDot conjugates
Ratiometric measurement of indicator dyes
Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer
UV excitation uncages fluorophores
Multi-color fluorescence in situ hybridizationPhotoswitchable

Proteins Filter Sets

Excitation to switch on/off or change color
Two and three photon IR excitation
EGFP (enhanced), GFP (Green Fluorescent Protein )
List of holders for Leica microscope, Olympus microscope, Nikon microscope, and Zeiss microscope