3rd Millennium Filters

3rd Millennium Filters fill the market position of high-performance commodity filters for widespread research and instrumentation applications. They are available as stock bandpass, longpass, and shortpass assemblies. For all products delivery times are short, pricing is competitive with industry standard catalogue filters, and performance is high.

3rd Millennium filters allow the user to specify the cut-on and cut-off wavelength of the filter, a Pick n Mix system. The superior spectral performance and longer filter life of these filters make them ideal for use in optical instruments.

The new technology design of the 3rd Millennium filters results in filters with exceptionally steep cut-on and cut-off slopes. This results in more precise location of cut-on and cut-off points, the ability to place transmission and rejection regions extremely close together, and higher attenuation between the pass band and the rejection band.

All this results in a brighter sharper image with a blacker background, while having the ability to tune the filter cut-on and cut-offs to your requirements.

3rd Millennium filters are available as:

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