Long pass Optical Filters and Short pass Optical Filters

Often known as Barrier or Edge filters these filters are used in diverse applications such as detection of fluorescence emission, colour separation in TV and photography, and spectral band isolators. These filters can be designed for use in reflection or transmission mode, and can be used as beamsplitters or combiners.
These two types of filters are often confused because of the terminology used. To clarify the situation we have used the following definitions:

Longpass filters / lp filters / long pass filters

Long pass Optical Filters (LP Filters): transmit only above a certain "cut-on" wavelength and continue to transmit a wide energy band.

shortpass filters / sp filters / short pass filters

Short pass Optical Filters (SP Filters): transmit only below a certain "cut-off" wavelength and block a wide energy band above this wavelength.

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