Optical Filters Product Line

Fluorescence Filters

All our fluorescence filter sets are optimised to maximise emission collection and minimise optical degradation by using specialised optical polishing and anti-reflective coatings.

Bandpass Filters

Standard Bandpass filters (BP Filters) are used in spectral photometry, clinical diagnostics, chemical analysis, colourimetry, astronomy, and numerous applications where spectral isolation is required.

Emission Arc Lamp Filters

These filters are designed to pass a band centered on the common energy lines of emission arc lamps. These include the less common zinc and chromium as well as the prevalent mercury lamp. All filters are blocked from the UV to the IR.

Analytical Filters

Our engineers have compiled data on optimum atomic emission lines in both arc and spark conditions. These specific lines are chosen to minimise interfaces of coexisting elements. Additionally, the chosen wavelengths are ones that can be effectively produced as efficient passband filters of narrow bandwidth.

Laser Rejection Filters

These filters block a narrow spectral band, such as the monochromatic light from a laser, while transmitting other wavelengths.

Raman Filter Sets

We currently offer stock filter sets for common Raman laser wavelengths. Each set comes with a laser line filter for removing spurious background from the probe laser, and an ALPHA-Epsilon longpass edge filter to provide deep blocking of the Rayleigh scattering. Custom sets or individual parts can be made for other laser wavelengths.

Colour Imaging Filters

Color imaging systems benefit from the use of precision optical filters which control the spectral properties of light and color separation to exacting tolerances. In addition, system performance improves with the elimination of wavelengths outside the visible spectrum.

Astronomy Filter Sets

We supply custom and stock filters to the highest imaging quality standards for professional and amateur astronomers and atmospheric scientists throughout the world.

3rd Millennium Filter Sets

3rd Millennium Filters fill the market position of high-performance commodity filters for widespread research and instrumentation applications.

Edge Filters

We are currently pushing the limits of optical thin-film technology to produce environmentally stable UV Raman edge filters using ALPHA technology.