Accurate measurement from only a single drop to HORIBA original flat sensor.
LAQUAtwin's easy, reliable and quick measurement of 7 parameters brings new dimension to your water quality testing.

HORIBA introduces LAQUAtwin compact water quality meter, incorporating 60 years of water quality analyzer research and manufacturing technology into a pen sized, simple design. Select from seven water quality parameters such as pH , conductivity, various ions (Na+, K+, NO3-, Ca2+) and salinity that suits your purpose. Bring LAQUAtwin with you wherever and whenever you want to. It is your "lab-in-the-field."

  • Accurate reading from only a single drop, in a few seconds. Furthermore,select measurement method depending on your situation and sample. (Drops, Immersion, Scoop, Wipe,Solid samples, Powders, Paper, textiles and films)
  • pH, conductivity, ions and salinity. 7 parameters, 11 models.
  • Calibrate and measure at the touch of a button – the Smiley face will tell you when the result can be read.
  • LAQUAtwin is fully waterproof and dustproof(IP67).
  • Carry case comes standard for handy portability.