Accurate measurement from only a single drop of sample onto HORIBA's original flat sensor. LAQUAtwin product line-up offers easy, quick, and reliable measurement of 8 parameters. It brings new dimension to your water quality testing.

pH meters

LAQUAtwin pH-11: Click to enlarge
Water proof Micro Volume  0.1 pH 2-point calibration 
LAQUAtwin pH-22: Click to enlarge
Water proof Micro Volume  0.01 pH 3-point calibration 
LAQUAtwin pH-33: Click to enlarge
pH  Temperture  
Water proof Micro Volume  0.01 pH 5-point calibration  

The Story of pH
This explains what pH is and how pH affects our lives.

Bench pH meters  

  • Intuitive and very easy-to-use touch panel operation.

  • Full support for on-screen setting confirmation, maintenance information and troubleshooting tips guide you through trouble-free operation.

  • Two channnels can be displayed simultaneously.

Portable pH meter

  • One hand operation.
  • Shock-resistant, waterproof and dustproof, Extended operation.
  • Easy-to-view large display shows two measurement items simultaneously.
  • Visible LCD in dark places.

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