Bio samples, such as Tris buffer or protein sample (i.e. milk), tend to clog the liquid junction, thus affecting the measurement result over the time.

The silver ion trap incorporated in all of HORIBA ToupH electrodes minimizes such clog, therefore suitable for bio samples.

Also the new smooth design allows easier maintenance and cleaning of the reference membrane compared against our conventional electrode design. 

Measurement for Tris buffer only

Standard ToupH electrode 9615-10D

Quick stability, and reduction of drift.

No more worries about the timing of your measurement value readings.

Measurement of tris buffer and protein, viscous sample

Not recommended for sample volume less than 10ml.

Sleeve ToupH electrode 9681S-10D

Stable measurement can also be achieved for highly viscous samples.

Measurement of tris buffer and requiring minimized internal solution leakage
(Discrete electrodes)

Very durable minimum alkali errors. Most widely used for general pH measurements.

Suitable for measurements of liquid other than normal aqueous solutions, such as suspensions, emulsions, paste, and non-aqueous solutions. When the potassium chloride solution of the internal solution reacts with the sample,...