HORIBA Europe Test Centre

With its state-of-the-art Test Centre in Oberursel near Frankfurt am Main, Germany, HORIBA runs an advanced testing facility for contract testing and in-house development. Equipped with the latest measurement and testing technology, it comprises a 4WD Vulcan chassis test cell with MEXA-ONE emission measurement technology and VETS ONE automation as well as an e-motor and an engine test cell. It covers a wide range of emissions testing compliant with all international legislations. The addition of a soak room facilitates the conditioning of up to six vehicles.


Contact us:

Mr. Misgeld - Head of Test Centre

Email: joachim.misgeld@horiba.com

Phone: +49 6172 1396 180

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Test Centre Brochure

Passenger Car • Commercial Vehicle • Hybrid/Electric Vehicle • Military • Non-Road • Rail • Marine 

Structural Testing

  • Industry leaders in servo-hydraulic testing.
  • Unique testing configurations to achieve 2 to 6 degrees of freedom (MAST/ 4-Poster).

Powertrain Testing

 Powerful Simulation Capabilities

  • Service Load Replication (SLR)   & Road Load Simulation (RLS)
  • Environmental chambers (cool down to -70C/ heat up to 150C)
  • Virtual Engine/Battery/Wheel/Environment/Track

Additional Services

  • On-board emissions, fuel consumption, and particulate analysis
  • In-field data collection
  • Exhaust systems

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