HORIBA has gained an excellent reputation and a successful track record in this technically demanding area of testing and product development. Our technical knowledge and expertise is based on many years of practical experience, quality performance and in-house development of wind tunnel balance systems for many applications. Due to the know-how resulting from over 30 years of experience, HORIBA is a competent and internationally renowned partner in the wind tunnel business.

Wind tunnel balance

To meet the increasing demands of a modern wind tunnel and the need for appropriate simulation, HORIBA has developed the rolling road and wheel spinning units for road simulation. To increase the wind tunnel efficiency, the HORIBA wind tunnel balances can be equipped with lifting platforms which enable vehicle modifications to be performed in a short time.

The AeroComp Series is a Compact Wind Tunnel Balance System based on three standard sizes developed for research and development in small wind tunnels with a test cross-section from 0,7m up to 2m.

The HORIBA full size Automotive Balance and Road Simulation System is a fully integrated system for comprising a HORIBA six component balance, a HORIBA five belt rolling road with wheel spinning units and vehicle supports. The system is equipped with a turntable and vehicle lift system, associated electrical systems, servo controllers, balance PC and software, data acquisition and safeties.