Standard Clean 1 (SC-1) chemical concentration monitor image

High-speed response and compact profile of the CS-131, SC-1 (standard clean) Solution Concentration Monitor makes it the ideal choice for single wafer and batch type cleaning devices.

CS-153N HF/HNO3 Monitor

24-hour real-time monitoring of HF/HNO3 solution concentrations in semiconductor wet-etching processes

FPM Monitor / CS-153

24-hour real-time monitoring of FPM solution concentrations in semiconductor wet-etching processes

LA 930

The LA-930 uses Mie Scattering (laser diffraction) to measure particle size of suspensions or dry powders. The speed and ease-of-use of this technique makes it the most popular for many applications.

UVISEL VUV Spectroscopic Ellipsometer

The UVISEL VUV ellipsometer provides the best combination of superior VUV performance and experimental flexibility to determine thin film thickness and optical constants across the wavelength range 142 to 880 nm.

The UVISEL ER-Extended Range spectroscopic ellipsometer covers a wide spectral range from 190 to 2100 nm.

The UVISEL FUV spectroscopic ellipsometer extends the UVISEL VIS down to 190 nm.

The UVISEL VIS spectroscopic ellipsometer covers the spectral range from 210 to 880 nm, and can be easily extended in both FUV and NIR range (see UVISEL FUV and NIR models). The measurement is performed in a few minutes and is extremely repeatable.


Integrated Spectroscopic Ellipsometer and Spectroscopic Reflectometer