HORIBA Medical Announces Exclusive Agreement with CNECT

May 14, 2018

Irvine, California (May 9, 2018) – HORIBA Medical, a worldwide provider of hematology and chemistry in vitro diagnostic analyzers, today announced it has signed an exclusive agreement with CNECT, a national group purchasing organization, to provide their network’s members with hematology and tabletop chemistry analyzers along with HORIBA Medical’s LiteDM IT middleware solution.

HORIBA Medical manufactures the ABX Micros 60 and ABX Pentra 60 C+ hematology analyzers that provide a CBC with 3-part or 5-part differential results, and they manufacture the Pentra C400, a tabletop chemistry analyzer that has a full menu to meet the needs of the physician office laboratory and the low-volume hospital market. CNECT’s membership consists primarily of non-acute clinics where providing laboratory results will allow physicians to diagnose and treat patients while they are at their initial office visit; eliminating the need for a return trip.

"The partnership will allow HORIBA Medical to access CNECT’s membership base to present total laboratory solutions" said Steve Smith, National Manager of Corporate Accounts for HORIBA Instruments Incorporated. "Our services will help physicians address requirements associated with the legislative quality measures known as MACRA and MIPS, and could even lead to improved MIPS scores."

HORIBA Medical’s LiteDM provides connectivity for up to four laboratory analyzers allowing the lab to consolidate patient results to one report while eliminating transcription errors into a patient’s medical record. In addition, the LiteDM can connect directly into an EMR system further streamlining operations to meet the quality measure requirements.

"The partnership with HORIBA Medical provides our members with the ideal laboratory products to enable point of care testing which ultimately improves patient care quality and increases patient satisfaction." said Lindsay Reital, Sr. Vice President – Strategy, Marketing & Operations for CNECT. "This is always the goal of CNECT contracts, to provide better patient care and enable our providers to do so with quality value-based products and services. HORIBA does just that."

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