Raman microscopes

Easy to use Raman microscopes for high performance research and routine analysis, featuring full system automation and comprehensive self-validation routines.

AFM-Raman and nano-Raman (TERS)

Fully integrated systems combining HORIBA Raman technology with scanning probe microscopes from leading manufacturers, adding chemical characterization to the range of nano-imaging capabilities of SPM. Tip-Enhanced Raman (TERS)-ready solutions also open the door to label-free chemical imaging at the nanoscale.

Transmission Raman

Fast, bulk screening of tablets, pellets and powders for QA/QC applications using transmission Raman analysis.

Modular and Fiber Coupled Raman

A wide range of modular components and fiber coupled systems allow users to configure a customized Raman system from the ground up.

Double and Triple Raman Spectrometers

Raman double and triple grating spectrometer systems with ultra high spectral resolution, unique stray light rejection and tunable laser filtering. Microscopic and macro sampling.

OEM Miniature Raman

Raman components and systems tailored specifically to your high volume OEM application, including hand-helds.