LabSpec 6 Spectroscopy Suite Software

LabSpec 6

HORIBA Scientific’s LabSpec 6 software platform builds on the success of its previous versions to deliver a unique environment for complete instrument control and data processing.  It is available as an upgrade to most recent HORIBA Raman systems.

  • Simplicity
    An intuitive interface enables logical work-flow through an experiment, from visualization of the sample and measurement set-up, to interpretation of the data, and final reporting of the results.
  • Power
    LabSpec is a powerful tool for the complete experiment, from instrument set-up and data acquisition, through to sophisticated routines for spectrum and image processing and display.


LabSpec 6 Raman software offers complete and versatile functionality for easy navigation with the new EasyNav technology, acquisition, processing, analysis, and display of data, in addition to flexible automation solutions. The entry level functionality is complemented by a number of optional add-on applications:


We recognise that other specialized software packages can assist our users beyond LabSpec 6’s already versatile functionality. We are pleased to collaborate with other companies, whose software offers a natural synergy with the Raman capabilities of LabSpec 6 software.

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