OCHRAKING, is an IAC which effectively cleans up Ochratoxin.


High organic solvent-tolerance– efficient test and pretreatment




  • Cleans up Ochratoxin with only a small quantity of extract.
  • Saves significant pretreatment time and increases the analysis efficiency.
  • Purifies Ochratoxin A and B,
  • Accepts ammonium acetate solution and purified water for washing columns.


OCHRAKING improves the efficiency of sample clean up.



Its high organic solvent tolerance enables rapid clean up with only a small quantity of sample solution.

Recovery test/wheat

Ochratoxin in wheat is analyzed by extraction with 60% acetonitrile and diluting the extract with PBS to 30% for cleaning up Ochratoxin A and B.  When only analyzing Ochratoxin A, acetonitrile concentration of up to 48% is used.

Recovery test/red wine

■Dilution of sample

HPLC analysis conditions

  • Column: ODS (particle diameter 5 μm), inner diameter 4.6 mm, length 150 mm
  • Temperature: 45 °C
  • Mobile phase: acetonitril, water, acetic acid (55:43:2)
  • Mobile phase: 1.0 mL/min.
  • Detection wavelength:  excitation wavelength 333 nm, fluorescence wavelength 460 nm
  • Injection volume: 100 μL


Manufactured by HORIBA


Product name





Pretreatment column for analysing Ochratoxin in foods

Recovery ratio

more than 80% in each Ochratoxin A and B when 10mL of 50%methanol solution containing each 5ng of Ochratoxin A and B is added to the column.


12 months after production at 2 ‐ 8℃.