Today‘s engines and components require testing in a repeatable manner over a wide variety of conditions, ensuring that the final manufactured product consistently meets customer demands for performance and durability. The need for engines to be both economical and - above all - environmentally friendly, places fresh challenges on developers.

The ever-increasing complexity of engine systems, new emissions legislation and reduction of development time and cost are crucial in the development of engine test systems. When developing new products even small improvements can create a leading edge, providing you with a decisive advantage over the competition.

Engine sizes range from very small engines used for auxiliary purposes or small motor cycles, through the light duty range to heavy duty engines.

HORIBA’s solutions cover the whole range of engine testing.

TITAN in Laboratory.

The TITAN S series is designed to test a wide range of gasoline and diesel engines ranging from ordinary passenger cars up to large truck engines.

TITAN in Laboratory.

The design of the TITAN T Series is optimised for testing light and heavy-duty gasoline and diesel engines.

TITAN in Laboratory

The TITAN D Series extends the transient test opportunities to real dynamic test applications.


The HORIBA DYNAS series covers the major of engine and driveline testing areas for stationary, transient and dynamic applications. The new HORIBA DYNAS3 HIGH PERFORMANCE class is a significant extension of the well proven DYNAS product portfolio.

Over the last few years, the HORIBA Dynas3 range has developed into the leading system in dynamic engine testing.

DYNAS3 LI is a range of absorbing and motoring machines for all test applications in the field of spark ignition engines. Low moments of inertia and high overload capacity together with speed gradients above 12.000 rpm/s guarantee a highly dynamic response.

DYNAS 3 HT is a range of electrical AC machines designed to provide the higher levels of torque required for modern diesel engines.

DYNAS 3 HD is a range of electrical AC machines specially designed for the field of heavy duty engine testing.

WT Dyno - Eddy-current dynamometers are used as brakes in engine testing

HORIBA hydraulic dynamometers are equipped with one or two rotors. The sloping vanes in the stator and the rotor enable high torque to be absorbed in one direction of rotation. Their field of

application is mainly in the testing of Diesel engines.