Application Notes for Optical Spectroscopy

The Role of Detectors in Spectroscopy

Ground-Based Measurements of Stratospheric Gases Using UV-VIS Spectroscopy

NIR System for Nanophotonics

Combustion Analysis with HORIBA M-Series Spectrometers and Synapse CCD

Lifetime Measeurements in PV Material Characterization

MicroHR: Absorption/Transmission Experiments

Photoluminescence and Photoreflectance

EFiS: Quality-Control Of Solar Cells

AToR: HDR Imaging And Fast, Even Tracking For Astronomy

Etalon Fringe Suppression with the Qextra BIDD Camera

Luminescence of Rare Earth Doped Glasses

Bringing multi-channel data-acquisition to LabVIEW™

Evaluation of Novel Photoresponsive Materials via EQE Measurements

Experimental Assessment of Metal Nanostructures as Effective SERS Substrates

Fluorescence Hyperspectral Imaging: Counterfeit Currency Detection and Analysis

High-Resolution Low-Temperature PL of Semiconductors

Plasma Monitoring


Photoluminescence of Semiconductors

Quality assurance of Diamond films

NIR System for Nanophotonics

Emission Spectroscopy in Supersonic Expansions

Raman and Resonance Raman Spectroscopy Enzymes

Photoluminescence of InGaAs/GaAs Quantum Dots

Instrument Response Corrections

TR PL Webinar
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