Service Lifecycle Management

Service Lifecycle Management

Service Lifecycle Management offers services worldwide, conveniently located close to its customers. Its service teams are highly trained on products and customer applications. They offer the expertise needed to support both our products, the entire customer test laboratory, and its processes.  
We are committed to maintaining the highest standards for traditional support services, like spare parts, repairs, and preventative maintenance—as well as advanced services such as process optimization and entire laboratory maintenance programs. It will ensure that equipment and test facilities remain operational, and customers are able to conduct development activities as effectively as possible. 

We are a trusted partner of the world's largest automakers.

Service Lifecycle Management Strategic Partnership Illustration for HORIBA Automotive

Key Features of Our Service Lifecycle Management Solutions

To answer the challenges of today and tomorrow, our customers need more outcome from their test facilities. They must produce higher value tests while maintaining data quality and reducing the need for repeated work. That is why we ensure our equipment and parts are up to the greatest quality standards. Learn more about our features and their benefits to your facility.

  • Expert support is readily available to repair our equipment
  • Customized preventative maintenance programs
  • Calibration packages with a range of services and pricing
  • Factory certified spare parts
  • We offer a twelve-month parts and labor warranty
  • Training programs to help get the most out of the equipment

Spare Parts

Factory Certified Spare Parts - Service Lifecycle Management | HORIBA Automotive

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance


Calibration - Service Lifecycle Management | HORIBA Automotive


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