Elemental distribution imaging and catalyst loading content calculation on a fuel cell sample

Elemental distribution imaging of Ce and catalyst loading content calculation on a fuel cell sample

A fuel cell is getting more attention for clean energy because it can generate electricity without emitting greenhouse gas by-products. In particular, a polymer electrolyte fuel cell is widely applied for automotives because of its benefits, such as high-power density, low operational temperature, and fast startup.

The XGT-9000SL’s large chamber capacity and microprobes allow elemental distribution imaging up to 350 x 350 mm2 with high spatial resolution at the microscopic level. For example, the feature makes it possible to obtain a distribution imaging of Cerium, a significant additive to improve the membrane durability, even on a prototype fuel cell membrane electrode assembly as shown on the right figure, as well as a lab-scale fuel cell sample.

The large chamber capacity is also helpful for loading content calculation of a catalyst layer without destructive sample preparation.

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