50 years of Diffraction Gratings

1968 - 2018



            1965    Grating manufacturing launch at Jobin Yvon. Design and production start for ruling engines

            1966    Production of first ruled gratings

            1966    Development of gratings replication process to meet industrial needs




            1968    Publication in Optics Communication, "Spectrographic Performance of Holographic made diffraction gratings", by Antoine Labeyrie and Jean Flamand

            1969    First commercialization of flat holographic gratings

            1969    Patent of Jean Flamand, Antoine Labeyrie Diffraction Gratings [3,628,849]

            1972    First holographic recordings on concave substrates

            1977    First blazed holographic gratings

            1980    Synthesis of an improved photosensitive Resin for Holographic Gratings

            1980    Manufacture and marketing of VUV synchrotron gratings

            1983    Delivery of the first gratings for pulse compulsion

            1985    First ion etched blazed gratings




            1991    450 m2 clean room for gratings for space applications

            1993    "STIS" project, the first Jobin Yvon gratings installed on the HUBBLE telescope




            2000    Number of gratings sold 50,000

            2001   "Excellence Award" awarded by NASA for the quality of the diffraction gratings for the "Cosmic Origins Spectrograph" instrument on the HUBBLE telescope      

            2004    PHILAE discovery with ALICE, Ultraviolet Imaging Spectrometer, on aboard ROSETTA

            2006    NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) award for the exceptional quality (low straylight) of the diffraction gratings for the OCO orbital station




            2012    Construction of the production facility for meter size gratings

            2013    First observation of the Sun's atmosphere with the IRIS spectrograph (NASA) equipped with a Jobin Yvon holographic gratings

            2015    Discovery of the geological activity of Pluto with the New HORIZONS probe

            2016    Study of Jupiter with Jobin Yvon gratings installed inside two JUNO instruments: the Ultraviolet Spectrograph (UVS) and the Jupiter Infrared Aural Mapper (JIRAM)

            2016    Delivery of the first metric size gratings for high energy lasers

            2017    Jobin Yvon gratings monitoring pollution inside TROPOMI (TROPOsperic Monitoring Instrument) on board the Copernicus Sentinel-5 Precursor satellite.