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On top of using a double moulding injection process integrating polycarbonate resin and TPE to create an eco-friendly, shock & scratch resistant, non-slip body, several improvements and enhancements have been made to the latest HORIBA LAQUA handheld meters allowing sustained periods of operations in challenging outdoor conditions and making the 200 series a compact yet powerful versatile meter.

LAQUAact OM-71 Meter: Click to enlarge

Dissolved Oxygen


HORIBA Water Quality Textbook

Here, we offer an introductory course on pH and water quality. We explain—as simply as possible—what pH, conductivity and ions are, and their relevance to our everyday lives, allowing people who are not familiar with these concepts to understand them easily.

The Story of pH

The Story of ORP

The Story of Ion

The Story of Salt

The Story of Conductivity

The Story of Dissolved Oxygen


pH Electrodes
Our pH electrodes have a broad line-up according to sample, container and application type.

Metallic Electrode(For ORP Measurement)
Waterproof. Use a flat type metallic electrode, which allows a small amount of sample to be measured.

Ion Electrodes
HORIBA's years of experience and know-how in this field are behind the wide range of ion electrodes we offer.

Conductivity Cells
HORIBA's conductivity electrodes also have a built-in thermistor for temperature measurement, making them perfect for for temperature measurement and for obtaining values equivalent to those at the standard 25℃ when used in conjunction with the conductivity meter.

Dissolved Oxygen Electrodes
HORIBA's DO electrodes use innovative disposable probe tips. This eliminates the troublesome replacement of membranes and fluid that plagued conventional methods.

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