The calibration and certification of test stands are important preconditions for your quality management system and your test results. The accredited HORIBA test laboratories around the world can offer a range of calibration services for your test systems.

Our accreditation stands for a complete and professional execution and documentation of calibrations on our own and on our customers’ test stands.

We issue international calibration certificates in the following areas:

  • Torque/Force (0 to 50000 Nm)
  • Speed (0 to 20000 rpm)
  • Velocity (0 to 300 Km/h)
  • Temperature (PT 100, NiCrNi)
  • Pressure (relative and absolute)
  • Roll diameter (300 to 2300mm)
  • DC current (0 to 24mA)
  • Voltage (± 10 V)

HORIBA is also accredited for the calibration of GDC-703/03 gas dividers and CFO devices according to


  • Calibration secures the quality and reliability of your measurements
  • Adherence to the required measurement uncertainty (like EUguidelines,QM-systems) is demonstrated
  • Statements about the test data, quality of the test series and systematic errors are made on the basis of regular calibration
  • Variations determined by calibration are corrected by adjustments.


  • Establishment of the test series and determination of the calibration capability
  • Calibration according to accredited calibration regulations
  • Adjustment as needed
  • Attaching a calibration tag to the test stand
  • Creation of a calibration certificate according to EN ISO/IEC 17025