Training. Efficient and individual.

Good training and practical experience are the guarantees for optimal and trouble free use of your test systems. HORIBA imparts its know-how through specialist seminars and training courses. Good advice from the beginning.

For the best start with a new HORIBA equipment we offer our customers’ test engineers a special course. This practical training enables the operators to acquire a quick and efficient familiarity with the new test technology in a short period of time.The length of the course is dependent on the complexity of the test system and the level of knowledge of the participants.

Individual Training

Select the topic which is important for your company:

A typical training program includes:

  • Test equipment operation
  • Power and control systems
  • Measurement technology
  • Automation and evaluation systems
  • Applications knowledge


Training can either be conducted in our facility on HORIBA test systems or on your own test stand.

Standard training courses

For test engineers and test stand service personnel we offer deeper knowledge for the use and handling of your test systems with our standard training courses. On this basis we have developed a special training program for our customers tuned exactly to the practical application of our systems.

Qualified trainers with field experience make sure that the seminars run smoothly and are flexibly organised, and that your employees receive practical training. Training takes place in a pleasant atmosphere. Training is also conducted in our branch offices.