Industrial pH meter HP-960FTP


The HP-960FTP industrial pH meter is a high-end pH meter with a four-point alarm and a time sharing proportional control function.
It can also be linked with a cleaning device via an external input, extending its automatic operation time.


  • Time sharing proportional control function with F Zone
    Unlike commonly used time sharing proportional control functions, whose on-off frequency has generally been fixed, the HP-960FTP includes an control method called F Zone, whereby as the pH difference becomes smaller, it changes not just the time for which the pump injecting pH regulator is on, but also its frequency.
  • Four control outputs equipped
    You can set values of your choice for the upper and lower limits of the four control outputs, and switch them to either on-off control or time sharing proportional control.
  • Automatic diagnosis function for faults in electrode properties
    If there is an asymmetry potential, sensitivity or response speed in correction, the HP-960FTP automatically determines whether there is a fault in the pH electrodes, and displays an error message.
  • Can be linked with a cleaning device via an external input
    An input signal from a cleaning device can be used to put the output of the measurement value on hold.
  • Compatible with five types of temperature compensation elements
    Five types of temperature compensation element are supported: 500 Ω, 6.8 kΩ, 1 kΩ, 10 kΩ and 350 Ω.
  • Easy pH correction
    After immersing the pH electrodes in the standard fluid, simply follow the instructions displayed and press the ENT key.
    The automatic correction process is plain and simple.
  • A line-up of lead-free pH electrodes
    Uses lead-free glass. In addition, almost all sections of the pH electrodes, including lead wires and soldered junctions are lead-free.
  • Uses lead-free solder
    To reduce the burden on the environment, lead-free solder has been used to mount the components on the printed circuit board.

Manufactured by HORIBA Advanced Techno


Product name

Industrial pH meter



Measuring range

pH 0 to 14: resolution of 0.01 pH
Temperature 0 to 100: resolution of 1 °C (selectable)

Transmission output

4 mA to 20 mA DC, input / output isolated type
Maximum load resistance 900 Ω
Transmission output range: freely selectable within the measurement range


Within ±0.05 pH of the full scale (by equivalent input)


Within ±0.05 pH of the full scale (by equivalent input)

Contact output

Output: 4 points
Alarm contact output (R1, R2, R3, and R4)
Contact type: relay contact, SPDT (1c)
Contact capacity: 240 VAC, 3 A and 30 VDC, 3 A (resistance load)
Contact function: selectable from upper / lower limit operation (ON / OFF control), alarm, and maintenance.

Contact input

Number of contacts: 1 (external input for holding)

Control action

  • ON / OFF control
  • Time sharing proportional control

Calibration function

Two-point automatic calibration or manual calibration
Temperature calibration (one point)

Transmission output hold function

  • Just before hold
  • Optional value hold
  • Continuous

Selectable from the above (However, only the just before hold is available in the maintenance mode.)

Self-diagnosis function

  • Calibration failure
  • Electrode self-check
  • Outside of the measuring range
  • Transducer error

Temperature compensation element

Selectable from compensation ON (500 Ω (25 °C), 6.8 kΩ (25 °C), 350 Ω (25 °C), 1 kΩ (0 °C) or 10 kΩ (25 °C)) and compensation OFF

Power supply

Rated voltage 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 15 VA (max.)


Indoor-use panel installation type
Panel: IP65 drop-proof structure

Protective structure

Panel: IP65 (IEC60529, JIS C0920)

Conforming standards

CE Marking
FCC Rule

External dimensions

96 (W) x 96 (H) x 115 (D) mm
Case depth: approx. 105 mm


Approx. 550 g

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