Gratings for Industrial Applications

For several decades HORIBA Scientific’s OEM division has developed a range of manufacturing processes to produce diffraction gratings that are used in a variety of industrial applications. These established processes are optimised to ensure high volume production capacity and the expected level of industrial component quality, at competitive prices. 

Our gratings are replicas which offer consistent optical performance that is often essential for industrial applications, where the same product is manufactured for many years. It also allows more flexibility to match the range of expected environmental conditions (temperature, humidity etc.). Although we have a standard range of gratings we can also customise these to offer different sizes or coatings. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements

Our gratings are typically used in Biomedical devices, HPLC systems, Telecommunication active & passive modules, Sensing equipment, Control process monitors, Laboratory spectroscopy systems, Colour analysis instruments, Lasers, Life science products, Photovoltaic production and control machines, Mineralogy controllers, Analytical chemistry application, to name a few.