Particle Size Automation

Fully automate particle size measurement for improved reproducibility, system availability and productivity.

HORIBA's highly reliable LA-Series Particle Size Analyzers include powerful integrated sample dispersion systems and flexible software, making them perfect candidates for true hands-free automation.

Adding automation accessories provides all the advantages of continuous, non-stop, unattended operation. These include reduced labor costs, elimination of human error, and exceptionally reliable, repeatable measurements. More frequent checks on production runs or a greater number of variables in a research project can be tested in a shorter period of time. Also, measurement can easily take place during non-peak hours, increasing system availability, and productivity. As a result, users report that the system often pays for itself in three to six months.

Slurry Sampler

LA 300 with Slurry Sample

The SlurrySampler, available for LA-910, LA-920 and LA-300 Systems, is a robotic-arm sampling system that can accommodate up to 60 samples, depending on container size. When prompted by the software, the robotic arm moves to the correct position, mixes the sample, withdraws an aliquot, and adds it to the sampling chamber. Samples can be suspensions or emulsions.


Camsizer with AutoSampler

The AutoSampler, available for LA-910 and LA-920 Systems, is a 24-position carousel that fits on top of the main analyzer unit. As each sample is required for analysis, the carousel advances, drops the sample into the sample chamber; fluid jets rinse the sample cup, and the instrument carries out the sample analysis. Samples can be suspensions, emulsions or dry powders. A 12 sample robotic Autosampler is also availabie for the Camsizer.



The AutoReservoir, available for the LA-910 and LA-920, is a three-chamber tank with built-in pump. This unit supplies fluid to the analyzer in response to commands. Concentrated surfactant solutions can be added to two of the tanks, and then be automatically diluted during the fill sequence. This automates the supply of dispersant solution to the analyzer for fill, automatic dilution.



The AutoFill, available for the LA-910 and LA-300 (standard on the LA-920), has the same purpose as the AutoReservoir, without the complication and cost of the tank. The system is connected to a fluid source, such as a house Dl water system or container of dispersant solution. The AutoFill supplies fluid to the analyzer in response to commands from the computer.

HORIBA's range of automation options, combined with the capabilities of our full range of analyzers, provides a unique opportunity to automate the particle size analysis task. No other company can offer such a range of solutions to the customer. These systems are flexible and powerful enough to accommodate any sample requirement, from QC of high-volume production materials to research of new materials, from nanometers to millimeters, and from grams to milligrams of sample. Applications include powders, suspensions, emulsions, or slurries.