The following HORIBA Group companies develop and manufacture products for the Semiconductor, Flat Panel Display and other high-tech industries


World Leader in Analysis
HORIBA proprietary analysis technology is fully demonstrated in a wide range of fields - semiconductors, medicine, environment, science and engine measurements. In the high tech industries like semiconductor manufacturing, HORIBA provides an extensive selection of process monitors for integration into manufacturing lines that aid the safe production of high performance devices.

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Mass flow technology
HORIBA STEC boast a world-leading share in industry-standard setting mass flow controllers and liquid source vaporization control and delivery systems, which are critical to the success of manufacturing lines in high-tech industries.

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Aiming for the Global No.1

HORIBA Advanced Techno

Water measurement technology
HORIBA Advanced Techno manufactures leading edge products for the fields of environment, measurement and semiconductor cleaning. In semiconductors, its main products include equipment for measuring the concentration of Hydrofluoric Acid required in wafer etching and various other liquids, and equipment for measuring the purity of ultra-pure water that is vital in wafer cleaning processes.

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