Product characteristic of Digital Mass Flow Controller

The Digital Mass Flow Controller is shown in the diagram to the above one.
These mass flow controllers have a flow rate measurement section that includes a sensor, bypass, flow rate control valve, and special circuitry. A CPU is part of the circuitry, which makes it both multi-functional and highly efficient.
The gas is input from an Inlet joint, and is divided so that it flows over both the flow rate sensor and a bypass. The sensor measures the mass flow rate of the gas, and the flow rate control valve modifies the flow rate so that the difference between the measured flow rate and the flow rate received from the external flow rate setting signal is 0 (zero).
The units feature a loop circuit, so even if there is a secondary pressure change or ambient temperature change that could affect the supply pressure of the introduced gas, the flow rate is instantaneously corrected, which ensures stable flow rate control.

・Main Function

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