Human Health Care

For the Human Health Care industry, the ability to differentiate and measure the different body fluids compounds, is a key point for the prevention and diagnosis of numerous illnesses.

HORIBA provides In Vitro Diagnostic solutions, with a wide range of blood analysers in Hematology, Clinical Chemistry and Coagulation. 

The HORIBA’s instruments allow the identification and counting of the blood cells, detection and measure of proteins and molecules, involved in metabolism and coagulation processes, to help getting the more reliable medical diagnosis.

Furthermore, with the numerous quality tools provided by HORIBA, and its international training center, you will always be sure to get the more reliable results. 

Our analysers are designed for all laboratory sizes, from point-of-care to automated solutions, when high productivity is required in routine. Our solutions are used in public and private laboratories (Hospitals, Clinics, Medical Laboratories, Research Centers…), in more than 110 countries.

Our product range includes :

- Blood analysers
- Middleware/Work station
- Tracking system
- Automated slide & stain producer
- Control Quality software
- Cytology training software
- Reagents, controls & calibrators

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Mais RatioMaster

Calcium Imaging Microscope

Mais Ultima

Ultra Fast TCSPC Lifetime Fluorometer

Aqualog - Water Treatment Plant Analyzer
Mais Aqualog - Water Treatment Plant Analyzer

Automated Organic Analysis & Early Warning Sentinel

Mais SpectraLED

LED Phosphorescence Light Sources

LabRAM Soleil
Mais LabRAM Soleil

Raman Microscope

Mais SPRi-Arrayer

Direct contact spotting

Mais XploRA™ PLUS

Raman Spectrometer - Confocal Raman Microscope

Aqualog - A-TEEM Industrial QC/QA Analyzer
Mais Aqualog - A-TEEM Industrial QC/QA Analyzer

A Simple, Fast, “Column Free” Molecular Fingerprinting Technology

Mais DeltaTime

TCSPC Lifetime Kit

Mais DeltaPro

TCSPC Lifetime Fluorometer

Mais DeltaFlex

TCSPC Lifetime Fluorometer

LAQUAtwin K-11
Mais LAQUAtwin K-11

Pocket Water Quality Meters

LAQUAtwin Na-11
Mais LAQUAtwin Na-11

Pocket Water Quality Meters