FACT 220

FACT 220 - Fuel Measurement Systems
FACT 220 - Fuel Flow Measurement
FACT 220 - Calibration Unit
FACT 220 - Fuel Flow Measurement Details

Test Unit for Fuel Measurement Systems

FACT 220 is a test device for automatic calibration verification of the sensors used in the fuel flow measurement systems of the FQ Series. Consisting of a density sensor and a flow sensor, the FACT 220 is suitable for checking the entire measuring range from 0.2 to 220l/h. The test device can be operated either at the inlet circuit of the FQ systems or like a test object in the outlet circuit. Flow deviations are evaluated with a status display. A test report is automatically generated at the end of the test procedure.

Connected via Ethernet, all functions such as manual and automatic testing and rinsing can be performed directly via the touch panel. The test unit has been designed for commercial fuels and ethanol up to 100%, kerosene and biodiesel. An additional tank unit allows the subsequent flushing with a preservative medium.

Segmento: Automotive
Divisão: Mechatronics
Fabricante: HORIBA Europe GmbH
  • ​​​​​Highly exact measurement in the whole range from 0.2 to 220l/h
  • User-friendly handling due to integrated touch panel
  • Quick check of individual measurement points through manual test mode
  • Summation counter for fuel flow volume and hours of operating service
  • Different connection possibilities for checking the flow sensor or the complete system
  • Test report with statistical values
  • Online evaluation of current measurement uncertainty through continuous calculation of statistical values
  • Predefined measurement values for different sensors
Measurement range volume flow 0.2 - 220 l/h
Measurement range density 0.5 - 2g/cm³
Fuel Pressure of system 2 - 2.5 bar
Supply voltage 230 V
Power frequency50/60 Hz
Nominal current 2 A

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