STARS Engine

STARS Engine - Automation Software

Test Automation Software for Engine Testing

Making your test operation effective and efficient and above all, reliable. With a wide range of user-friendly features, STARS Engine can run the most complex tests simply by pressing a button. STARS Engine enables you to have access to an extended array of test programs from simple manual testing to dynamic automatic tests. The user interface enables a simple use of the test automation system.

Additionally, the software can either be run in a stand-alone operation for a single test stand, or as a cluster of systems allowing a test field to be run more efficiently.

STARS keeps the central server and all other workstations in the cluster up to date with the latest information and data. This allows you to access the very latest information wherever you are and whenever you want.



Segmento: Automotive
Fabricante: HORIBA Test Automation Ltd.

Key Benefits of STARS Engine

  • Transparent test status display and device operation
  • Easy integration of new equipment
  • Execution of test schedules, monitoring, scripts in real-time with up to 1 kHz due to the in-built STARS real-time system 
  • Data acquisition with high throughput of more than 150.000 values/sec and high sampling rates up to 5 kHz per channel
  • Project and test stand structure can be setup to the customer requirements
  • STARS resources can be used in STARS projects and in STARS test stands
  • Several instances of STARS resources e.g. test schedules or limit data sets can be used at the same time
  • High flexibility and customization provided by the STARS Automation platform
  • Advanced automation softwares such as the Heavy-Duty Engine Emissions Test (STARS HDEET) or the Small Engine Emissions Test (SEET)
  • The possibility to run dynamic cycles on an engine dynamometers with STARS VETS, our automation software to test the vehicles emissions  as an application extension



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