Guest Forum: Co-evolution of Measurement Oriented Information Processing Technology and Information Processing Oriented Measurement Technology.

Created by Takashi WASHIO* | |   Technical Reports

*Osaka University

With the advent of the IoT society, there is an increasing need for measurement techniques that use the principle of complex processes under extreme conditions. On the other hand, rapidly developing information processing using machine learning and statistical estimation is good at making highly accurate and reliable estimation from incomplete and complex large amounts of information. From such a background, the systematic co-evolution of measurement-oriented information processing and information processing-oriented measurement technology is opening up the possibility of realizing new advanced measurement technology that meets the needs of the IoT society. This paper describes some of the research issues that have become clear in the field of measurement-oriented information processing “measurement informatics”, and further introduces the outcomes of utilizing that principle in the development of advanced information processing-oriented measurement devices and equipment.

Difference between conventional nanopore pulse identification and nanopore identification using machine learning.