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HORIBA, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "HORIBA") has launched a brand-new Process Gas Analyzer PLGA-1000 in accordance with the release of an innovative proprietary gas analysis technology called InfraRed Laser Absorption Modulation (IRLAM™1) on July 29th. PLGA-1000 incorporates the IRLAM technology to realize continuous measurement with high speed and sensitivity of some low concentration gases contained in process gases at petrochemical plants.

About PLGA-1000

In petrochemical plants, improving productivity, quality, and reducing environmental impact are urgent issues, and gas measurement with high response and sensitivity is required to optimize the control of each production process. 
The PLGA-1000 measures feedstock gases used in petrochemical plants, and can continuously measure acetylene (C2H2) and carbon dioxide (CO2), which exist as impurities in methane (CH4) and ethane (C2H6) at low concentrations, with high speed (response every 3 seconds) and high sensitivity (in ppb level). This contributes to the optimization of process control for customers. 

On May 19, Biwako factory in Japan, which is called E-HARBOR received explosion-proof certification from IECEx, the international system for certification of instruments used in explosive atmospheres. Our new product, PLGA-1000 is also manufactured entirely in E-HARBOR, and from here we will deliver safe and high quality analyzers to the world. Cetification number : QAR Ref. No. NL/DEK/QAR20.0008/00

For more product information: Process Laser Gas Analyzer PLGA-1000


IRLAM, a new infrared gas measurement technology invented by HORIBA, utilizes HORIBA's gas measurement technologies and know-how cultivated over 65 years to realize high sensitivity, low interference and high reliability that enable real-time measurement of gases that were difficult to measure with conventional infrared gas analysis technologies.
IRLAM has been put to practical use as a highly reliable infrared gas analysis technology that enables accurate and speedy measurements with low interference even in harsh operating environments. With its many noteworthy advantages, HORIBA will incorporate this IRLAM technology into many of our gas analyzers that will be released in the future as a new core technology of HORIBA.

The features of IRLAM are realized by three of HORIBA's proprietary technologies: Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL), Herriott Cell, and the Concentration Calculation Algorithm.

  1. Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL): Our original laser source device which has been specifically designed for gas measurement, with improved environmental performance.
  2. Herriott Cell: A compact gas cell of our own development that achieves optimal optical path length and small size for various applications.
  3. Concentration Calculation Algorithm: HORIBA’s unique calculation algorithm that extracts features from gas absorption signals to achieve low interference and high sensitivity with high speed.

For more information and technical explanation about IRLAM, please visit: HORIBA's next-generation infrared gas analysis technology IRLAM 

*1 IRLAM is a registered trademark or trademark of HORIBA, Ltd. in Japan and/or other countries.
*2 According to our research (as of July 2021)

Process Laser Gas Analyzer PLGA-1000