Automotive Test Centers Germany

Equipped with the latest automotive measurement and testing technology

In our Test Centers in Germany we offer automotive testing services, ranging from Brake Dust measurement and NVH investigations for brakes to RDE testing, emissions certification and research & development applications. Learn more about our offerings or directly contact us through the contact form at the bottom of the page.


From Certification to Type Approval

The vehicle test cell is equipped with a 4-wheel drive chassis dynamometer, a full range of emissions test equipment as well as test automation for carrying out fully automatic tests.


Equipped with Latest Brake Dynamometers

Five brake dynamometers allow for brake testing applications according to public standards and to customer specifications. A Brake Dust measurement system is also available.


Covering Research and Development Applications

With an engine test cell and an e-motor test cell a variety of applications for R&D can be supported for testing of conventional as well as alternative powertrains.


Testing Emissions under Real Driving Conditions

Vehicles can be tested according to latest RDE legislation. For Europe this includes a WLTC-compliant test on the chassis dynamometer before the actual road test.

Test Centers in Germany we offer automotive testing services, ranging from RDE testing to emissions certification, research & development applications, NVH investigations for brakes and Brake Dust measurement.


  • Our test centers are equipped with the latest instruments and technology for your automotive testing needs
  • Comprehensive offering for testing from components to complete vehicles
  • Experienced personnel with broad application know-how, including durability, emissions certification, Brake Dust measurement, NVH and R&D

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